I've registered a callback function successfully via xHarbour, but keep getting 100% on a query three or four times before the query has completed. What could cause this?

Remote server connection to the c drive.

The query:

SELECT convert(rtrim(cgrp.cdesc) + ' (' + rtrim(cgrp.ckey) + ')', sql_char) grpname, 
    convert(rtrim(cns.cdesc) + ' (' + rtrim(cns.ckey) + ')', sql_char) consname, 
    sum((det.namount + det.npvat + det.ntax) /*iif(det.cdoctype = 'I', 1, -1)*/) totalfare, 
    sum(det.ncommiif(det.cdoctype = 'I', 1, -1)) totcomm
FROM invdet det
LEFT JOIN genmast cns ON det.cconscode = cns.ckey
    AND cns.cScope = 'C'
LEFT JOIN genmast cgrp ON cns.cgen1 = cgrp.ckey
    AND cgrp.cscope = 'U'
        det.cregtype + det.cbranch + det.cdate BETWEEN 'APta20120400'
            AND 'APta20120431'
GROUP BY grpname, consname

Thanks, Alex

asked 13 Aug '12, 02:24

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Alex Schaft
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edited 13 Aug '12, 08:12

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Mark Wilkins

Computing progress information for queries is more of an art than a science. Actually, it involves a fair bit of guess work. The server examines the query and tries to break it into the component pieces and assigns a percentage of each time to each part. It then has to determine some kind of summation value (floating point) to use to add to the total at certain iteration points. It is quite possible for the initial guesses to be wrong and it can reach the total pre-allocated percentage for parts of the query before it is actually finished. In other words, it might reach 30% earlier than expected and thus report 30% for a few calls before moving on. More importantly (with respect to the question), it can reach 100% before it is actually done.

It is quite possible that ARC is also receiving progress reports of 100% more than once; it just may leave the progress bar unchanged.

From an application standpoint, the only way to really know that it is 100% complete is when the function call returns. One possibility in your own application might be to change the progress callback function information and never return a value more than 99% (if 100% is reported, just change it to 99%). Then when the function returns, treat it as 100%. I don't know for sure if this is possible in xHarbour, but it would be possible in some clients.


answered 13 Aug '12, 08:22

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Mark Wilkins
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Hi Alex;

Please try enclosing your query as a subquery. You might have to group on the outter select but the result should be the same. As in: SELECT * FROM ( ...your query... ) a ORDER BY...

Is the progress bar more accurate?



answered 22 Sep '12, 08:41

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Depends on the Query...if it's a loop, the query processor can't determine the actual position.


answered 13 Aug '12, 03:43

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Joachim Duerr
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Query below:

Select convert(rtrim(cgrp.cdesc) + ' (' + rtrim(cgrp.ckey) + ')', sql_char) grpname, convert(rtrim(cns.cdesc) + ' (' + rtrim(cns.ckey) + ')', sql_char) consname, sum((det.namount + det.npvat + det.ntax)iif(det.cdoctype='I', 1, -1)) totalfare, sum(det.ncommiif(det.cdoctype='I', 1, -1)) totcomm from invdet det left outer join genmast cns on det.cconscode = cns.ckey and cns.cScope = 'C' left outer join genmast cgrp on cns.cgen1 = cgrp.ckey and cgrp.cscope = 'U' where (det.cregtype+det.cbranch+det.cdate between 'APta20120400' and 'APta20120431') group by grpname, consname

(13 Aug '12, 03:45) Alex Schaft

can you see the same behaviour using data architect?

(13 Aug '12, 03:46) Joachim Duerr

No. Data architect shows proper progress, as does the remote server info.

(13 Aug '12, 05:03) Alex Schaft

If it works in ARC then you need to check your implementation. ARC uses the same ACE API calls - AdsRegisterCallbackFunction, AdsClearCallbackFunction.

(13 Aug '12, 05:20) Joachim Duerr
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