Hi dear collegues

I recently installed ALS 12 version, because improve SQL multiple insert wich I needed some time ago for a project. I updated from ALS

I'm developing on Windows 7, Delphi XE5, projects are standard 32bits.

In the last week I have been updated a project created before the ALS Update to 12. Everything seems to works well. I improved and created some new functions to the program. Then when I testing deeper, I drove me crazy, because projects parts what I didn't touch or update doesn't works well.

The issue in SQL Querys.

I have the next code in a search button, wich get Data from an Tedit and fills an AdsQuery

Qry.Params.CreateParam(FtString,'nam', Ptinput);
Qry.SQL.Append('select from customers');
Qry.SQL.Append('where name like :nam');
Qry.SQL.Append('order by name asc');
Qry.ParamByName('nam').AsString := edit1.Text +'%';
When first search I looked for "Smith" Name, will return records with LastNames such as Smith, Smitherson, etc. It works well. Then run a second search for "Simon" will return records with LastNames such as Simon, Simon, Simonar, Simons, etc. But return the same result of the previous search. Tried an third search, with "Ander" name, must return Ander, Anderegg, Andersson, etc but again the first result is shown.

I review all code in my program in a week and nothing wrong, finally something tell me, try an old ALS version, and run the program with ALS DLLs old version ( and works fine, it was fantastic.I got back my soul again. Run some tests and everything works fine, then replaced the dlls by ALS 12 and issue appears again.

Have you heard something like this from other customer who updated to Advantage 12?.

Have how can get this works with Advantage 12?.

Thanks for you time

Greetings from Argentina

asked 03 May '16, 14:39

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Has anybody experimented the same as me? I'm downloading ADS Evaluation Package again to re-instal ALS ( Delphi Tdataset descendant).


answered 09 May '16, 05:33

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