Apparently one of my ADT data dictionary bound tables is corrupt or the metadata about this particular table on the DD is inconsistent. I'm guessing -the latter. The table can't be opened nor can it be dropped or deleted from the DD as there is an integrity rule referencing the table.

If I try to delete the RI rule I get an error 5131. If I try to open or check the table's properties I get error 5130. The problem seems to be with the metadata on the DD. Any ideas how to deal with this problem?

asked 11 Mar '16, 11:24

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Here is more; if I try to open the table using the advanced open option to open the table exclusively, I get this error: "Error 5130: The requested data dictionary operation cannot be completed. Inconsistency detected in the Data dictionary." -please help!

(11 Mar '16, 16:15) Reinaldo

if the table is not encrypted, you can copy it to a different location and then use 'ARC | free dictionary bound table' to free it. After that open the dictionary and check 'autocreate' in that table's properties. Now you can use SQL to insert the data (e.g. insert into myddtable select * from [.\subdir\myoldtable]).


answered 13 Mar '16, 05:44

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Joachim Duerr
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Joachim; That's an excellent idea. Thank you very much.

(13 Mar '16, 11:10) Reinaldo

Joachim; I was able to copy the table to a different directory to then free the table. The data seems fine. When right-clicking on the original DD ADT table in order to change its property I get error 5130. I'm allowed to continue however when clicking on the Table Properties tab I get an error message: "Internal error: unable to find enums for Default Index". Any idea how to deal with this problem?

(14 Mar '16, 07:00) Reinaldo

Hello; Since I could not delete/open/change properties on that particular table, using your idea I moved all the tables (over 200) from the existing [corrupt/problematic] DD to a newly created DD. My procedure that creates a new DD also creates the necessary uaergroups. Now I have a new DD with all the data. I still need to move all users (there must be over 100 users) from the old DD to the newly created DD. Any ideas? --thank you.

(14 Mar '16, 12:00) Reinaldo

I was able to import users using the Generate SQL script option from one DD, so never mind and many thanks for the idea. It end up solving the problem for me.

(14 Mar '16, 13:26) Reinaldo

Hi Reinaldo,
I'm glad that you got it working. No idea what happened there, but if you're interested for future issues: if the ADD is not encrypted, you can simply patch the first couple of bytes in the header and then open it as a table.

(15 Mar '16, 02:30) Joachim Duerr
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