Hi. I have developed the simplest of ads database applications (for Windows) using C++Builder. It does not use any dictionaries or anything at all except for the tables themselves. It may get more complicated than that in the long run, but for now that's all it is.

I have searched the documentation and looked here and on the web am still unclear as to what is meant by embedding the local ads server, i.e., how to distribute the application so someone without the ads server already installed on their computer could use it.

Do I simply include the files in the Redistribute folder and put them in the same directory of the application? Or is that completely wrong? Does the end user need to install something specific, or does the inclusion of the ACEBOR.LIB in the application itself mean it can access the ads tables directly without the need to install anything else?

I really hate being this stupid, but I'm the kind of guy that seems to need things spelled out in specifics, so if you can help and could be as specific as possible, I'd really appreciate it.

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Just put the Redistributable files in your application folder.

For ADS 11.10 the files are:

  • ace32.dll - This is the client library (ACE - Advantage Client Engine)
  • ace32.lib - The export definitions for the client library
  • adscollate.[adm,adt] - The Unicode collation data
  • adsloc32.dll - The local server library (This contains the entire local server)
  • adslocal.cfg - Configuration of the local server
  • aicu32.dll - The ICU library (necessary for Unicode data types)
  • ansi.chr - The character table for the ANSI encoding
  • axcws32.dll - A helper library for ACE which does the server communication over Winsock
  • extend.chr - The caracter table for the OEM encoding
  • icudt40l.dat - Unicode data for the ICU library

Without these files your application won't even start up, because it is (usually) statically linked against the ACE export definitions.

You may also want to include a ads.ini file with ADS_SERVER_TYPE=1 which restricts the application to local server.

The ads.ini is of course useful for other settings as well.

As an alternative you could install all the files to a different directory in your users %PATH% (like the Windows System32 or SysWOW64 directories), but I wouldn't recommend that. Microsoft advices against installing anything inside the Windows folders. The files might even get lost when the user does a Windows Upgrade.


answered 26 Jan '16, 13:27

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Jens Mühlenhoff
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Great! Excellent. Thanks!

Would it be okay to put the tables in a subfolder of the hidden ProgramData folder or better to put them elsewhere?

Thanks again.

(26 Jan '16, 13:53) BigDawg

it depends...I know lots of installations having the data in a subfolder, but you need to make sure the user is able to write into this folder (e.g. he won't be able to write into %programfiles%).

(26 Jan '16, 15:13) Joachim Duerr

Okay. Thanks. Now I need to figure out if I can create an install without the too expensive solutions I've seen around. It's not really necessary at this point, I guess, but assuming things get a bit more complicated at some point, probably something to look into. Anyhow, thanks for the help guys!

(27 Jan '16, 00:15) BigDawg
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