I can't use Advantage Local Server to one database dictionary with more than one concurrent user session. The second user gets an error 7077. This happens if I try to open the same data dictionary file with two ARC sessions, or with the ARC and a Delphi application. I can open two different data dictionaries with two different sessions, but I can't work with the same data dictionary with more than one application at a time. I though the Advantage Local Server was supposed to work with up to 5 users. Am I missing something?

asked 29 Nov '15, 21:52

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Stephen Aberle
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check out the error_logs for additional errors.


answered 30 Nov '15, 00:17

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Joachim Duerr
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Thanks. I get an error 7147 (Collation Name Not Found), an error 32 (Windows - file in use), four 7008s (file could not be opened), two 7077s (dictionary cannot be opened), another 32, four more 7008s and two more 7077s.

(30 Nov '15, 00:42) Stephen Aberle

I edited the ADSLocal.cfg file and set ANSI_CHAR_SET=Engl(Amer) instead of blank as it was before. I no longer get the error 7147 but I get all the others and the database still won't open.

(30 Nov '15, 00:57) Stephen Aberle

did you edit all of your adslocal.cfg files? After you did, delete the .AI file. It will be recreated on next open automatically with the correct collation.

(30 Nov '15, 18:31) Joachim Duerr
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