ADS 11.10.024. Data Dictionary. I was told one time at a summit when making a Procedure in Delphi using the Advantage Extended Procedure for Win32 that I should leave the Aliasname/ConnectPath blank. I had to make a Procedure that uses data from two different databases so I have two AdsConnection should I leave the AdsConnection for the one database that is executing the procedure blank and put the Alias in the one that is connected to the second database. Right now i entered the Alias in both AdsConnection and it have been working for many months to yesterday, the company called and said that the program froze when it came to that point where it execute the Procedure. I went online and I tried to execute the Procedure from Arc32. The blue process bar just shows and it stops nothing happens. I opened the Remote Server info in Arc32 and clicked on the Active Queries and see that the Procedure shows with 2.75% completed and the seconds to complete just keep going up. Only two computers run this procedure and one computer was still in the program and was able to execute the procedure, but as soon I closed the program and started it again it was stopping at the procedure. After restarting the Ads service it works again. Any idea what could course this, the only thing I have done in the past is changing all alias \SERVER:6262\SHARED_FOLDER.. even on the server it self or I was unable to open any database.

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Does the server know about the alias? Does it read the ads.ini where it is defined?
I would never rely on an alias in a stored procedure and use parameters to pass in a Connection String. And don't forget to set LoginPrompt to false ... otherwise a login dialog is being executed, but a service (ADS) doesn't display it.
As for the AdsConnection that is used to connect the host database: StartUp sets its Connection Handle to the one passed into the function (that's done by Advantage). So the Alias and/or ConnectionPath becomes invalid.


answered 29 Sep '15, 13:08

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Joachim Duerr
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Yes the server has an ADS.INI file with Alias. It have been working for six months with the two AdsConnection each pointing to a different Alias and it most be working because part of the data only exist in the second database that does not have a procedure. So what you are saying it's a bad idea to use a connection to another database inside a procedure and that could cause the procedure to stop at 2.75% assuming that it is the point where it tries to connect to the second database.

(29 Sep '15, 19:23) KimHJ

it's not bad to use a connection to another database ... it#s just the usage of an alias that might go wrong. Without having details of your code it's hard to solve.

(29 Sep '15, 19:30) Joachim Duerr
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