ADS 11.10 ADT tables in a DD. Delphi. We have a problem with two users getting the same invoice number. It only happens if two users request an invoice number at the exact same time. We have a table with one record that keeps the last invoice number. Here is what we do when there is a request for an invoice number.

MyInteger := AdsTable1.FieldByName('TNumber').AsInteger;
AdsTable1.FieldByName('TNumber').AsInteger := MyInteger;;

I thought that no other user was able to open that record in between Edit and Post but it is happening. Anyway to be sure that two users don't get the same number?

The temporary solution we have now, is to check if the number exist in the invoice table before we post it, but that again will only work if no other user are doing the same at the exactly same time.

Thanks, Kim

asked 20 Aug '15, 02:53

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The old value might still exist in the client side cache. I'm not sure if a refresh after the edit keeps the edit status (I fear it releases it!).
An approach I usually use: a rowversion field for double checking and SQL.

alter table test add column rv rowversion;
now use it for unique numbers:
declare @num integer;
declare @rv integer;
declare @numrows integer;
declare @c cursor as select tnumber, rv from test;
while @numrows=0 do
  open @c;
  fetch @c;
  close @c;
  update test set tnumber=@num where rv=@rv;
select @num from system.iota;


answered 20 Aug '15, 11:58

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Joachim Duerr
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Do you allow duplicate invoice numbers? A simple unique index on the invoice number field would prevent such a scenario.

From your code it seems that you are using a separate table to store the last invoice number.

I would rather use a "SELECT MAX() + 1" approach combined with the unique index.

If you run the number generating step in the BeforePost event it should be very rare that two users get the same number that way. When it happens the database will prevent it (via the index) and you can catch the exception and show a "Please try again" kind of error.


answered 20 Aug '15, 15:24

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Jens Mühlenhoff
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Yes we allow because the number gets to big so our unique index is Invoicenum;Datein. The user don't see the invoice number before the invoice is created and printed. so we could do a BeforePost as we do now as a work around.

(20 Aug '15, 22:07) KimHJ
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