We have a number of (very) large DOS FoxPro applications that have been rebuilt in Visual FoxPro, but not radically changed. These applications access shared DBF/CDX files across a (SMB) network drive.

We have a few issues that we would like to solve:

  1. Encryption - We would like to encrypt all data so that the DBF files can not walk out of the building.
  2. Replication to SQL Server - other parts of the business use SQL Server; right now we import DBFs through a batch job. Replication would be better.
  3. Avoiding corrupt tables/indexes
  4. Better caching
  5. All of the SQL goodness that comes from having a real database instead of flat files

So my questions are:

  1. Given that these are (very) large legacy applications, how hard is it to switch to Advantage/ADT?
  2. If we were to use Advantage/DBF, how much of the above list is available?
  3. Does replication work across database types (Advantage <--> SQL Server) Probably not, but given their common ancestors, I have some hope...

Ultimately the business would like to see everything in MSSQL, but the cost of porting these older applications is prohibitive. I would like to help the developers have better tools to work with and a way to move toward SQL that doesn't crush the business. Is Advantage a good choice?

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  • Encryption is supported
  • There is no replication to SQL Server
  • The ADS remote server can work without file sharing / SMB (which might also solve your security issue with files leaving the building)
  • There shouldn't be any corruption when you only allow access through ADS remote server
  • SQL can be used on DBF files, ADS SQL is powerful enough for most use cases

I have only ever used ADS with Delphi, so I can't comment on porting Foxpro applications.

ADS works a lot better when using ADT instead of DBF files, but that would of course mean that you can only access your data using ADS.

Most restrictions in the DBF area have to do with the limitations of the file format, but everything I wrote above will work with DBF as well as ADT.


answered 16 Aug '15, 17:57

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