First off, I'm sorry if this has been asked before.

I'm currently having an issues exporting, or getting the data via an odbcdatareader from a ADT file that is currently able to be viewed via Advantage Architect, but not able to be exported out. Let me explain what I've done so far, and what I've seen.

  1. I've attempted to export via Advantage Architect. (received a 7071 error. To which I then set the file Advanced Option to Exclusive, and it allowed me to only view the data.)
  2. I made an ODBC connection to the data dictionary to which allows me to open read data from other tables, but not this specific one.
  3. I've attempted to import, and link to an Access database.
  4. I've attempted opening up the database with a local server, and still received the error.
  5. I've attempted to mess with the registries in order to get the settings to be nonexclusive.
  6. I've attempted to export the data into notepad++
  7. I've attempted to export the data into Excel.

Things that I've noticed. 1. The data file is 4gb+ 2. I receive the error 7071(file size is too large) if the file is not opened exclusively from within the Advantage Architect database. 3. I receive the error 7008(meme, or index is not able to be linked or found) when trying to export, read, or connect to the file when the file is open in Advantage Architect. 4. The database is set to work with a program, and I've matched that programs settings for the service, and config files. 5. Both the free, and linked to Data Dictionary version both have the same issues. 6. The data file has no problem opening with the program initially using it, but cannot be exported by any method that I've tried thus far.

Does anyone else have an idea as to why I could try, or attempt next?

asked 28 Apr '15, 17:41

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If you set ADSTable1.Exclusive := True successfully, there should be no problems with exporting data bigger than 4 GB.


answered 29 Apr '15, 04:55

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edited 29 Apr '15, 04:56

The actual answer was updating from 11.0 to 11.1. Apparently the proprietary rights, and exclusive rights configuration has been fixed throughout the latest version, but I didn't see any notation in the logs. Anywho, it's resolved.


answered 29 Apr '15, 08:36

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