I have a table that gives an error. Then I looked at at the properties of the table it only shows one field but it have 127 fields. I can see all 127 fields in the table when I open it. I was able to export the table to a new table and all 127 fields shows. Deleting the table and let it auto create did not work. When I try to reopen the table after deleting it I get error 3011 and 7147. I'm unable to delete the table from the DD i get error 3011 even if I try to use DROP TABLE tablename FROM DATABASE NO_DELETE.

I had to free all the tables from the DD and create a new DD to fix the problem I just want to know if there was another way to do this.

asked 27 Apr '15, 05:48

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It's difficult to tell. Basically the meta-data in the Data Dictionary and the table were out of sync. This can be something simple as copying in a new table, but can also occur if there is corruption in the data dictionary.

Generally you should be able to drop the table and re-add it to the dictionary. Based on the 3011 error I suspect the table may be associated with an RI.

The first option might be to delete the .AI file and then re-open the dictionary. Often the corruption can be just at the Index level and not at the Dictionary level.

Another possible option would be to attempt to drop the RI rules. This probably would fail with the similar error, but worth a shot.


answered 28 Apr '15, 09:26

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Edgar Sherman
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Thanks, I don't know why I din't think of deleting the .AI file I do it all the time for the tables .ADI when a server shuts down.

(30 Apr '15, 11:19) KimHJ
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