Hi all,

I apologize for this being rather lengthy but I don't know how else to properly present this.

We have been trying to figure out a recurring problem and so far have not had much success. The basic issue is that users connecting to our application's database are randomly being rejected with a "maximum number of users exceeded" error. We have had several installations report this problem on occasion although one particular installation seems to experience it much more than the others.

Now, as I understand things, one ADS license is used per IP Address regardless of the number of applications which are connected from that machine or the number of individual connections from those applications. So, using that as a basis, when this issue occurs if we look at the "Connected Users" list on the Remote Server Info display in ARC we typically find that there should still be at least one license available.

As an example, this morning one of the developers on our team encountered the problem in-house. Connections from his machine would succeed (as expected if IP Address controls licensing) but connections from a second machine would fail with a "max users" error. Looking at the "Connected Users" list in ARC showed three connections which were all identified as begin from the copy of ARC running on his desktop (all had identical "Connection Name", "OS Login" and "Database User" values). No other applications were shown on the list nor were any other Advantage-based applications running. However, looking at the "Database Info" display in the Advantage Configuration Utility showed 2 users connected (his server has a two-user license). Making things more interesting, simply closing the one copy of ARC released BOTH licenses (as reported by the Configuration Utility). This behavior is something which has also been reported from the customer site where closing one copy of our application will free up two licenses.

The customer most affected by this issue currently has our application installed on 5 workstations. Originally they had 6 licenses for Advantage (we require one additional license for a monitoring service which runs on the database server) and, when this problem started occurring, the license count was increased to 7 to try and avoid it. Based on our understanding of Advantage licensing that should actually have left them with one license which never gets used and yet they still have connections being denied due to "max users". So something that (as I understand the rules) should only consume one license is actually consuming two but I have no idea why. And the fact that it occurred when ARC was the only application connected to the database leads me to believe that it is a server problem rather than an application problem. Unless my application and ARC both have the same flaw.

At this point we simply do not know what to do to address this problem. Whatever is causing the additional licenses to be used is not immediately obvious from the status information provided by the server. Are the rules more complicated than "one license per IP address"? And, perhaps more importantly, how do we stop this from happening?

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Jens Mühlenhoff

Maybe someone is using multiple NICs like wireless and wired?

(02 Apr '15, 00:54) Jens Mühlenhoff

Is this ADS 11?

I have been seeing and reporting this problem at my customers on an off for a while. No one from SAP seems to respond.

It's one of the reasons we are moving our application to MS-SQL.

(02 Apr '15, 01:56) Mike

In the case of the workstation where the issue occurred yesterday, yes, it has both wireless and wired capability. In his case I think the arrangement is necessary for some of the work he does but I cannot speak for any of my customers in that regard. Assuming that this is the reason for the issue, and assuming that the dual interface is necessary at least some of the time, what can I do about it? Is there some way to "bind" Advantage to a specific NIC? (Sorry if that's a dumb question. I'm an applications guy, not a network guy.)

(02 Apr '15, 07:15) CELilly

Yes it's ADS 11 ( at the customer's site). And having just recently completed the transition away from FoxPro databases after using them for 25+ years it would not be my first choice to immediately start moving to another database but thanks for the suggestion.

(02 Apr '15, 07:18) CELilly

Try with disable the IPC connection in the registry.


answered 17 Apr '15, 07:07

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Thank you for the suggestion. (Sorry for the delayed response.) I will definitely try it as soon as I can arrange it with my customer's IT person to make the necessary edits to the server's Registry.

(21 Apr '15, 10:58) CELilly
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