Hi, have a client who has ADS on Windows server with a xharbour application. If he runs the application on the server, runs fine but if he run it from any workstation cant open any file but connects. My question is, does the folder data must be shared on the server to access them ? This is the lines he has. Can anyone tell me if its something wrong ??

cConnect := '\\' + cServerName + ':6262\' + cPathName

AdsConnect( cConnect, ADS_REMOTE_SERVER, "ADSSYS", '',, @nConnection1 )

  • This works correctly so far and does not generate an error message ... but here is where it breaks down:

cDefaultPath := '\' + cServerName + '\' + cPathName SET PATH TO ( cDefaultPath ) <<----- is this necessary ???

SET DEFAULT TO ( cDefaultPath )

SET( 7, cDefaultPath )

Using ADS 11 and dbfs files.


asked 17 Mar '15, 08:33

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  1. Does cPathName includes a data dictionary file name? IF so, it seems unlikely for the password to be blanks.
  2. You don't need to set the default path, once connected, tables are assumed to be located on the connected path or DD directory.
  3. You don't need to share the directory but it helps to have an server alias declared on asdserver.ini pointing to the actual directory on the server.
  4. You do need to make sure that the user who owns the ADS server has full access rights to the directory. That user is usually the user "system" on Windows.
  5. Is it a DD connection or is it a directory connection that your are attempting?

answered 18 Mar '15, 12:40

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Hi Reinaldo, thanks for the answer.

My client does not use DD for now so the connection is to a folder of dbfs files. Do you know if a xharbour system reads the adsini file ?? I was told that this will not work as Delphi. Can you give me an example of this file ??

Thanks so much.

(18 Mar '15, 12:46) lbidi

(x)harbour works with ACE which does respect ads.ini settings, but that has nothing to do with adsserver.ini and the subject of server side aliases. This subject is very simple and it is extremely well documented. Open the help file and search for server side aliases it shows plenty of samples. Hope that helps.

(18 Mar '15, 19:26) Reinaldo

Ok will search. Thanks.

(19 Mar '15, 06:33) lbidi

Thanks for you tips Reinado, now my client can access the ADS server very fast. He just made a simple browse of a dbf table and works fine and fast if its the only application accessing the server but if he rans the same application from another station on the same network it works very slow. Could be any configuration on the win 2008 server ? I think that ADS has nothing to configure about this issue.


(29 Mar '15, 19:03) lbidi

Hi any idea why this could happen ?

(04 Apr '15, 17:49) lbidi
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