today is my last day working for SAP and ADS. For almost 15 years my name and ADS have been connected very closely. But now it's time to chase new opportunities.
It was a honor for me working for such a great product with so many great people. THANK YOU ALL!

For now I'll take some time out for myself and my family. I've not yet decided what comes next. During the next couple of months I'll still hang around in this forum (and all the other communities), but I don't plan to spend as much time for it as I used to;)

If anything in my status changes, I'll post it to my blog (http://www.duerr.name) and via Twitter (https://twitter.com/JoachimDuerr).

asked 30 Jan '15, 02:03

Joachim%20Duerr's gravatar image

Joachim Duerr
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thanks for all your great support over the years and having become a friend over a long time. I hope that we can stay in contact anyhow. I wish you a great time with your family and relax a bit, but I am sure that you will return to a job that challenges you sooner or later :-)

For the product and its market position I hope that the path that SAP has started now works out in the end. It will probably take another year to answer this.



answered 30 Jan '15, 02:55

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Stephan Leiw...
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All the best for the future! You will surely be missed for your excellent contribution to ADS in general and these forums.


answered 31 Jan '15, 01:56

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As a company with many years of ADS use, thanks for all your efforts.

Gary Keefe Jasper Products, LLC


answered 01 Feb '15, 09:21

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Many thanks, you helped me in many questions over the last 10 years!

Dankeschön und Alles Gute! Steffen Wagner


answered 01 Feb '15, 11:02

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You have always been there in my hour of need and it was a pleasure to meet and chat to you over lunch many years ago now at a Sybase Traning day.

All the best.


answered 02 Feb '15, 01:23

Mike's gravatar image

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Joachim, it was always a pleasure to have contact to you.

Wish you the best for the future and thanks a lot,


answered 20 Mar '15, 07:18

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It's been a pleasure dealing with someone as knowledgeable and dedicated as you. Hope the future brings you deserved rewards!


answered 20 Mar '15, 07:56

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ADS Veteran MJ
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