Hi guys.

My question is if a program compiled with harbour respects the ads.ini file as Delphi systems. By respect I mean that if present, the harbour system will "open" the file and read any data from it.



asked 27 Jan '15, 12:19

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The answer is generally yes. Most of the reading of the ads.ini file (i.e. the [SETTNGS] section, the LAN_IP/LAN_PORT section are done in ACE. Delphi uses the same ACE as harbour.

(There are some sections specific to Delphi (i.e. aliases) that I think only Delphi will read)


answered 27 Jan '15, 12:55

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Edgar Sherman
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yes, the ads.ini file is being read by the ACE32.DLL, which is the same in Delphi and Harbour applications. But there are some specific settings that are not recognized by the ace, like the [databases] section.


answered 27 Jan '15, 12:56

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Joachim Duerr
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Ok thanks both


answered 29 Jan '15, 08:38

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