I am using C++ Builder XE6 and XE7. I have both installed. Once I have all projects working in XE7 I will uninstall XE6.

All my projects work fine with XE6. I installed XE7 yesterday. After XE7 was installed I uninstalled Advantage Local Server and reinstalled local server (

All of my projects compile with XE7 with no errors. Some projects run just fine, other projects give me the 6420 error. I don't see anything that the projects that fail have in common. I tried deleting the AdsConnection and creating a new connection, this had no effect. If I set the 'IsConnected' to true, and make my tables 'Active', my data does appear in the DBGrids, so I do have a connection to the tables.

Also tried copying all the files from \Program files\Advantage 11.10\TDataset\Redistribute to my executable folder so I know it's using the 11.10 version and not any 10.10 files (which I also have installed for use with C++ Builder 5.0).

Not sure it matters, but I have XE6 installed on my C: drive, and XE7 installed on P:, both are local hard disks, not network drives.

Thanks for the help!


The error can be seen here


I have been using Advantage Local Server since about 2001, I have the components installed into C++ Builder, it is not the full blown Advantage Server. I've seen the 6420 error dozens of times over the years, always with Local Server (which is all I use on this PC). The file I installed was from this URL:


Could you tell me the names of the DLL's that are being used so I can search for duplicates that might be out of date?


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The files are located in the redistribute folder of the TDataset installation. Regarding Local Server: set the servertype to local only in order not to get a "Remote Server Discovery Error" (6420).

(13 Jan '15, 13:21) Joachim Duerr

"local server" is just a DLL that provides similar functionality to the client/server. I guess you're using a full blown Advantage Server installed locally ("Local Server" connectivity never returns 6420 errors).
To resolve 6420, check out this KB item: http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/content.aspx?Key=17&RefNo=061009-1806


answered 13 Jan '15, 00:20

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