As I am a delphi developer, dont know how V Foxpro connects to ads and how it works. My questions are.

  • Can I work locally with ALS as developer ?
  • Does it use ads.ini file to access the server with the ip ?

Thanks for the info.


asked 21 Aug '14, 13:18

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I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you interested in using Visual Foxpro development environment to start a new project (or update an existing project) or are you wanting to use the Visual Foxpro table type in your Delphi application?

I'll assume you want to use the Visual Foxpro development environment.

To answer your questions

  1. Yes you can use ALS with Visual Foxpro
  2. Visual Foxpro uses either the ODBC or OLE DB driver. You can use the ads.ini to specify the table type or include it in the driver setup or connection string.

I recommend checking out the help file Getting Started with Visual FoxPro

I also recommend reviewing these two screencasts as they may be helpful:

  1. Getting Started With Visual FoxPro and Advantage
  2. Use Visual FoxPro and Visual Studio - and Share Your Existing DBFs
  3. Ken Levy “Advantage with VFP” Screencast

answered 21 Aug '14, 15:47

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Edgar Sherman
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Thanks Edgar, that's was I was looking for.

(22 Aug '14, 06:12) lbidi

im Oracle Developer how can connect ADS DataBase
Table Type . ADT
& .Add how can concoction thank You


answered 18 Nov '14, 00:12

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