How do I specify an "IN" operation for AdsSetAOF in VFP? ie. result = AdsSetAOF(inHandle, "field3 IN (2,3,5,7)", locOptions) I know that typically it is not good to use the IN operator, but if it is supported in ADS SQL, it should be supported in AdsSetAOF shouldn't it? Otherwise, how would I be able to do this?

asked 15 Aug '14, 06:07

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I'm pretty sure that AdsSetAof() does support "$" which should work just like the IN operator on SQL. Try it as in: "FieldName $ 'SMITH'". Also, I'm pretty sure that Contains is also supported on AOFs, as in: "Contains( FieldName, 'SMITH' )"

(02 Sep '14, 08:39) Reinaldo

The AdsSetAOF call uses the Expression engine functions. Here is a page of the expressions that can be used: Advantage Expression Engine.

An IN statement is basically an easier way to specify OR. So you can set your filter to field3 = 2 or field3 = 3 or field3 = 5 or field3 = 7


answered 15 Aug '14, 08:59

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