I have a TAdsConnection with the ConnectPath pointing to an absolute directory like c:\users\Fred\myLocalDB. The problem: Every developer has different paths.

For FireDAC, we set up a simple environment variable within the RAD Studio IDE like $(ourProjectData) where the data used for design time resides. According to the documentation regarding TAdsConnection.ConnectPath, it looks like the advantage components can only evaluate

  • Windows-based absolute paths
  • Unix-based absolute paths
  • UNC network shares

Is that correct? Does that mean every developer has to adjust the paths after checking out/cloning the project repository? Or is there away around this to use (pseudo-)relative paths?

Many thanks in advance.

asked 17 Jul '14, 01:05

Overclock%20Your%20Breakfast's gravatar image

Overclock Yo...
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You cannot point it to an environment variable, but to an alias defined in ads.ini file:

myconnection.AliasName := 'mydb';


answered 17 Jul '14, 01:33

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Joachim Duerr
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Thank you. Your information, in combination with the documentation article "Database Aliases and the ads.ini File" have proven most helpful. Environment variables would be even cooler, though. Maybe something for v12?

(17 Jul '14, 02:04) Overclock Yo...

One other piece that might be useful is the adsini_path environment variable. You can set that to point to specifically define where ads.ini lives. It could be used to provide one more level of indirection.


answered 17 Jul '14, 07:56

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Mark Wilkins
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That's good to know. Thank you!

(18 Jul '14, 02:15) Overclock Yo...
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