I have a large legacy program in VFP 9.0 with free tables. Due to size of some of the tables, I have needed to use Advantage Client API to work with these tables. However, there are still many areas of the program where I need to get the data loaded into a pure VFP component (aka grid).

I've also committed these tables to Advantage in that I have added Advantage indexes (aka non-character index expressions) such that my VFP program can no longer open these tables.

I thought that a CursorAdaptor would be best, and initially seemed to work ok. But I have just found out that there is a known yet unresolved MS bug that effects ADO recordsets and gives me a "type conversion required by the datatype property for field ..." error. Apparently ADO or VFP cannot complete the conversion between the AutoInc ID field in the table and the ID field in the underlying DataSource of the CursorAdaptor. So no matter how I create the ADO recordset, the ID field always ends up being defined as a Char instead of an integer!

Does anyone know of a workaround for this ... or is there another way to get the data from an ADS API call into the DataSource of a VFP grid ... or even if there are any available visual controls that can work directly with Advantage in an optimal fashion?

Are there any examples out there coded in VFP that demonstrate how to do this?


asked 15 Jul '14, 11:05

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Asked: 15 Jul '14, 11:05

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