DXE5, ADS 11.1.10

From the ADS 11.1 help file for AdsCopyTable (TDataSet):

The copy will be done on the server if the following conditions are met:

· Both tables are on the same server and both tables are of the same type (e.g., both are opened with ADS_CDX) · Neither table is opened exclusively · The destination table does not have a file lock

I've read the other posts concerning AdsCopyTable, but none of the suggestions seems to help. For example, all of the tables have AdsServerTypes of [stADS_REMOTE,stADS_LOCAL], and all tables are of the same type (ttAdsVFP). On my development computer, where both the source and target paths are on the same drive, no problems. When deployed in the operating environment, though, I need the application to copy the table from the network server to a working folder on the clients where the copy can be opened exclusively. This always leads to a 6420 error. I've even resorted to creating a copy of the table on the server, and immediately using a TFile.Copy operation to copy that file to the client. Unfortunately, when the application then tries to open the client-side copy, it does succeed, but it takes so long that the users believe the application has hung. Lastly, I use ADS.INI with LAN_IP and LAN_PORT specified which I've thought eliminated the discovery issues.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to remedy/improve on this? TIA!

asked 05 Jun '14, 05:13

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Why do you need a local copy of the table in the first place?

(05 Jun '14, 05:47) Jens Mühlenhoff

Are you deploying the Local Server DLL (adsloc32.dll) with your application?

(10 Jun '14, 14:09) Edgar Sherman

Yes. The local server is deployed on client computers with the application(s). I have several applications that make use of a combination of both local and remote tables primarily for the purpose of isolating certain operations for individual users where tables can be opened exclusively without disrupting shared access to the remote tables.

(18 Jun '14, 17:26) HFox


Oddly enough, this is an issue that arose as a result of another problem. Originally, my application created a unique copy of the necessary table(s) on the remote server and everything worked fine. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem when attempting to delete the temporary files after they were no longer needed. I have no idea why, but I have not found a Delphi function that can successfully delete these files on the server. There's no problem, however, using them and deleting them on client computers other than the operations being ridiculously slow.

(18 Jun '14, 17:31) HFox
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