I'm trying to decide what would be the best way to share a single table across various data dictionaries. What first comes to mind is setting a link on each DD that points to the DD that contains the table. Then make sure to add the link prefix any time this table is referenced on SQL. I would keep the link information on a configuration table (like a system registry) where the app reads from. I think that should work quite fine.

The table in question is a very large reference table with mostly static data and very large memo fields that are all part of FTS indexes.

Where I think this solution falls apart is on how to open this linked table via ADSADT RDD as I don't think the RDD supports DD links. I make extensive use of AOFs while the table is being browsed and thus I'd like to keep being able to open the table via the RDD. This may be a problem limited only to (x)harbour's ADS RDDs implementation and how it sets work areas. From reading the documentation it does not seem like opening the table using ACE AdsOpenTable90 will work either -I'm I wrong?

Any suggestion or ideas will be most welcomed.

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Use a view...

Create view mytable as select * from otherdatabase.mytable
That way you just use the table as if it's part of the same dictionary.


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Joachim Duerr
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I didn't think the RDD would know to open a view the same as a physical table. How about being able to set AOFs based on existing indexes -will that also work with the view? -as in ( cAlias )->( AdsSetAof( Contains( *, "meniscus tear" ) ) ). If the view is smart enough to inherit the table's indexes, then I suppose it would work -as long as the view is treated just like a table by ADSADT RDD -which I was under the impression that it did not. I will try your suggestion, and get back with results. Thank you.

(09 Feb '14, 13:30) Reinaldo

A view is a virtual table and behaves equal from an ACE standpoint...as long you don't use fileexists or similar.

(09 Feb '14, 14:03) Joachim Duerr
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