In very large database (10.000.000 record)i need do a sequential read of entire database with memo using index cdx compatible with fox Compatible locking

When it is executed from one concurrent user on same database is executed in 10 minute

When it is executed from two concurrent user on same database is executed in 100 minute

I use ads 11.1 with harbour and ace32 with sample le

go top
do while .not. eof()

What can i do? Thanks in advance

asked 20 Jan '14, 03:23

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Mark Wilkins


Are you sure it is connecting with Advantage Database Server (remote)? The behavior you are describing makes it sound like it is a local server connection.

(20 Jan '14, 07:39) Mark Wilkins

i see in ads console the file opened

(21 Jan '14, 03:07) mbelgrano

I was able to reproduce this problem. It is indeed an issue with compatibility locking with concurrent reads on CDX indexes. The problem was introduced in v11.0. I am currently investigating to see what change caused it. The problem does not occur with proprietary locking.

Edit A fix for this will be in the next available 11.1 service pack.

I don't know if this is a possibility, but I'll mention it. You can use proprietary locking and still access DBF tables with other applications in a read-only mode. When you use compatibility locking, it allows third party applications (independent of Advantage) to open DBF tables read/write. If that is not a requirement, it would be better to use proprietary locking. If you do use proprietary locking with v11 and need access from other applications to the DBFs, you will need to set this configuration value:


With proprietary locking:

  • Locks are managed internally within ADS and do not involve OS calls, so it is more efficient in terms of speed and resources.
  • Read/only locks (e.g., when skipping through an index) can be shared. Two (or more) users can read through a CDX concurrently. With compatibility locking, only one user can hold a read lock at a given time.

Edit 2 An update is now available for this (as of February 25, 2014). It is version You can request it from your support representative.


answered 21 Jan '14, 08:56

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Mark Wilkins
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will be resolved from an update?

(21 Jan '14, 09:52) mbelgrano

Yes, the next service pack for v11.1 will contain a fix for this.

(21 Jan '14, 15:34) Mark Wilkins

I am waiting for Next Service Update

(23 Jan '14, 04:43) mbelgrano

Any planed date for the next service pack?

(27 Jan '14, 02:10) mbelgrano

There is no specific date set for it yet.

(27 Jan '14, 12:56) Mark Wilkins

Any planed date for the next service pack?


answered 17 Feb '14, 07:46

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Verion is now available to address this.

(25 Feb '14, 10:48) Mark Wilkins

@Mark Wilkins: Could you please also send us the new Version including a description what has been fixed in it?

(25 Feb '14, 16:47) Stephan Leiw...

Is there any reason why these service packs have to be requested and why the website has not been updated?

(26 Feb '14, 01:12) Mike

EBFs have not been fully tested.

(26 Feb '14, 01:33) Joachim Duerr
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