My client has a Netware network with an ADS v.5.7 server. I'd like to move his suite of Clipper apps to xHarbour, but in order to build the libraries, I need ACE32.DLL, AXCWS32.DLL and ACE.H for that version (or earlier). I have the DLLs but I need a copy of ACE.H for V.5.7 or earlier. Anyone have a copy?



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This is not exactly an answer to your question ... but I think you could use a newer version of ace.h. As long as you don't use any APIs that were introduced in a later version, it should be fine. Existing APIs are not modified between versions. If something needs to change, a new API was added (with a version number appended to the name for uniqueness if necessary).

If you are relying on the header file to know which APIs are valid, this would not work of course. But otherwise, I think it would be okay.

Edit I looked up information in a history file that specified the internal revision number of v5.7. I checked that version out of our old source code control system. I cannot guarantee it is the exact same version that shipped with v5.7, but it seems likely to be close. The age is about correct (13 years old).

v 5.7 (or something very close) of header file ace.h


answered 05 Sep '13, 16:18

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Mark Wilkins
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Thank you Mark. Unless the cobbler's elves leave me a copy of the old header, I think your approach will be my only option. Hopefully without too much pain.

(05 Sep '13, 18:10) neil

Do you have an old lib file? Iirc just having the header is not enough for c compilers.

(06 Sep '13, 03:32) Joachim Duerr
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