I am using a temporary index created for a report of:

Company + Item + strzero(MarginPerUnit,10,2)

The problem I am having is when the values are negative, as a -1 sorts before -2, then the numeric values aren't ascending.

Name      Item   Margin
Company1  Item1   -1
Company1  Item1   -2
Company1  Item1    4
Company1  Item1    8

Does anyone know what my index expression should be to sort the margin values in ascending order -2,-1,4,8?

Thanks, Gary

asked 30 Aug '12, 10:02

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Mark Wilkins

There might be more clever ways of doing it, but if you know the largest (in terms of absolute value) negative number, then you could just add a value to make them positive in the index. For example, if you know the negative numbers are never less than -1000000, this might work:

Company + Item + strzero( 1000000 + MarginPerUnit, 10, 2 )

The fact that you have a column name of MarginPerUnit makes me think you must be using either the VFP or ADT table type. If so, then you should be able to create an index such as follows and get the desired result.


The semicolon is the the binary concatenation operator and is useful in indexes for combining fields of different types.


answered 30 Aug '12, 10:29

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Mark Wilkins
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Mark, Thanks again.

(30 Aug '12, 12:32) Gary
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