Twice in the last few weeks Advantage Server has shut down the service unexpectedly. Both times a series of errors logged starting with 32 followed by 4 7008 errors and then 1 7036 error. This pattern repeat 2 times and then the server terminates the service. Both times a DBF file with 4 fields, no memos and 1 index in a CDX file had corruption. Once the table was reindexed everything was fine. This is the only file out of a dozen that has had this issue. All files are accessed by both Advantage from .NET, FoxPro 2.6 and Clipper 5 using compatability mode locking.

Today I rebuilt the DBF table and recreated the CDX index rather then just reindexing in the hope that it might be some odd DBF header issue but that is a long shot. This setup has been running for a year without issue until just recently. Any thoughts on the cause or suggestions appreciated.

asked 12 Mar '13, 08:07

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It sounds like maybe you have a process that is locking the files (at least for a little bit) and preventing Advantage from accessing them. Virus scanners will do this. You might try excluding the Advantage files from being scanned. And a question: Did the Advantage service actually stop? You had to restart it? Those errors should not result in ADS stopping.

(12 Mar '13, 08:15) Mark Wilkins

Adavantage terminated the service and I had to manually restart it on the server. I could open and manipulate the file in Visual FoxPro and users had the file open in FoxPro 2.6 and Clipper 5 in shared mode so I don't think anything could have taken exclusive use but could have a file lock or record lock(s) in place. That should not be an issue IMO.

I could crash Advantage by just opening the file in Data Architect and waiting a short time when no one else had the file open.

(12 Mar '13, 08:28) CarlP

It sounds like something is very messed up on the server if opening a file in ARC is causing ADS to actually stop. If it is crashing (getting an access violation or logging some kind of internal error), there should be a dump file created (adsdump-dd...ttt.dmp.gz).

(12 Mar '13, 08:33) Mark Wilkins

Well, Advantage is using a number of files, all DBF's like the one that caused the problem. Only this 1 file has had this problem. If the server were messed up I would expect a more random result. All the files are part of an ADS data dictionary though and there I could beleive there might be a problem with the data dictionary record for this particular file. As for dump files, I have 6 from today and an ADS_SNAP.LOG file ranging from 1 meg to 20 megs in size. Not human readable so can't post but could send them if needed.

(12 Mar '13, 08:52) CarlP

You can contact Advantage support and send the files (at least two of the .dmp.gz files). You need to work with support to do that because those files contain a dump of the process space (which contains whatever record data might be in memory at the time of the dump).

(12 Mar '13, 08:59) Mark Wilkins

Thanks Mark. I figured that would be what I needed to do but since we do not have a current support contract they can't help. I'll give it one more shot with the rebuilt DBF. If it happens again then I'll see about getting a support contract in place and having them look at it.

(12 Mar '13, 10:16) CarlP
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