Advantage 7xxx Error Codes

Advantage Error Guide


7000 General Advantage server Error Code. Refer to the associated specific Error Code for more information

7001 No memory available

7002 Configuration error

7003 Maximum number of users exceeded

7004 Maximum number of work areas exceeded

7005 Maximum number of tables exceeded

7006 Maximum number of index files exceeded

7007 Maximum number of locks exceeded

7008 Advantage server file open failure

7009 Problem with Advantage server file write

7010 Problem with Advantage server file read

7011 Problem with Advantage server file seek

7012 Problem with Advantage server file offset

7013 Advantage server file access error

7014 Invalid DBF table

7015 Corrupt NTX

7016 Corrupt table

7017 Corrupt IDX, CDX, or ADI index

7018 Corrupt index: empty page

7019 Corrupt memo field

7020 User logged out

7021 Maximum tags exceeded

7022 Maximum index levels

7023 Index expression not supported

7024 Removing ghost connection

7025 Semaphore connection file path too long

7026 Communication packet checksum failed

7027 User not logged in

7028 Invalid open mode

7029 Index Sort Buffer Size too small

7030 Missing Advantage configuration file ADS.CFG or ADSLOCAL.CFG

7031 Could not get Advantage configuration information

7032 Error in Advantage configuration parameter/value/data

7033 Maximum number of connections exceeded

7034 Not a Compound Index File

7035 Record not visible

7036 Failed transaction recovery error

7037 Error with key in custom index

7038 Invalid record number

7039 File already open

7040 File creation error

7041 File not found

7042 Invalid bits set in the TPS semaphore byte

7043 Advantage Database Server for Windows is paused

7044 Advantage Server already on network

7045 Serial number and validation code mismatch

7046 Evaluation period expired

7047 Invalid bits set in the deleted byte

7048 EXTEND.CHR or ANSI.CHR file not found at load time by the Advantage Local Server

7049 Error occurred when the Advantage Local Server attempted to use the EXTEND.CHR or ANSI.CHR file

7050 The user is not connected to the Advantage server

7051 The file is not open on the Advantage server

7052 Cannot operate on the same table as source and destination

7053 VarChar fields are not supported with this operation

7054 Field data type mismatch

7055 Field size mismatch

7056 Invalid Connection Path

7057 Record update failed

7058 Corrupt ADI index

7059 Unique index creation error

7060 Invalid Password

7061 Encryption Version Mismatch

7062 Invalid NetWare Connection Number

7063 Query table full

7064 The IP protocol is not installed on the current machine

7065 Updates to records must meet the conditions of the SQL SELECT statement because the Constrained option has been selected

7066 Old Encryption Version

7067 NetWare Connection Number Not Found

7068 Encryption password is required for this operation

7069 The latest version of the Advantage client software is required with this version of the Advantage Database Server

7071 File is too large to be opened with the given settings

7072 The memo file associated with this table is corrupt

7073 The maximum number of memo blocks has been reached

7074 The table ID stored in the ADT table does not match the ID stored in the Advantage Data Dictionary file

7075 The Advantage Local Server version allows a maximum of 5 users to access a file at one time. The limit has been exceeded.

7076 No Primary key was found for the foreign key

7077 The Advantage Data Dictionary cannot be opened

7078 The Advantage Database Server cannot authenticate the user

7079 The user does not have read permission to the table

7080 The user does not have write rights to the table

7081 The encrypted table is using an older encryption method

7082 Internet access disabled

7083 An Advantage Data Dictionary connection is required

7084 Compression not allowed

7085 Invalid UNC server name

7086 Cannot open table directly

7087 Permission not granted for the requested operation

7088 The user could not be disconnected at this time

7089 Index creation aborted by the user

7090 Copy table or alter table operation aborted by user

7091 Collation sequence used to create the index differs from current collation sequence

7092 The index is not Advantage compatible

7093 Maximum number of recursion levels exceeded

7094 The full text search condition has an unclosed phrase

7095 The full text search condition has an unclosed expression

7096 The full text search condition is missing a phrase or word

7097 The full text search condition is not valid

7098 The full text search condition has invalid operands specified for the NEAR operator

7099 The full text search condition has an invalid distance specified for the NEAR operator

7100 Unrecognized full text search index version

7101 Failed Transaction Recovery successful

7102 No full text search indexes found

7103 The full text search condition is empty

7104 Transaction processing is not available on current connection

7105 Full Text Search Index Requires Newer Client

7106 The table is read only and cannot be encrypted

7107 The client’s memo data is out of sync with the server

7108 Unrecognized ADI version

7109 Database logins are disabled

7110 Large key size requires newer client

7111 The temporary table is in use

7112 The temporary table cannot be found

7113 Database logins for this user have been disabled

7114 Unable to split index page

7115 Lock failure

7116 Unrecognized ADT table version

7117 Unrecognized ADM version

7118 RI Cascade Operation Failed

7119 Encryption Not Available

7120 Index Requires Dictionary Connection

7121 The client failed to respond while transferring data via inter-process communications

7122 Local server failed to rebuild index

7123 Unrecognized Field Type

7124 Incorrect Record Count

7126 Backup in-memory table read failed

7127 Backup in-memory table write failed

7128 Backup index file copy failed

7129 Savepoint Not Found

7130 Illegal Operation Inside of Trigger

7131 Table is involved in another active backup command

7132 Subscription Information is Inconsistent

7133 Triggers are not allowed on live views

7134 Non-standard character used in table name or column name for replication

7135 No trigger defined for update type

7136 Serial number and replication code mismatch

7137 Unexpected number of records modified during a replication update

7138 Record Not Locked

7139 Invalid Packet Data Size

7140 Connection is already a debugger or debuggee

7141 The name is not a valid temporary table name

7142 The maximum number of debuggees was exceeded

7143 Cannot make a connection a debuggee

7144 Collation repository not found

7145 Collation load failed

7146 Collation name not unique

7147 Collation name not found

7148 Collation not recognized

7150 Collation is corrupt

7151 Invalid table type

7153 Key cannot be null

7154 Index Automatically Rebuilt

7200 Advantage SQL Error

7201 The parameter number given exceeds the number of parameters in the SQL statement

7202 Data that resulted from the SQL statement is too long to be returned in a cursor

7203 Data that resulted from the SQL statement has an unknown length

7204 Too many columns exist in the SQL SELECT statement

7205 Cannot establish a connection to the Advantage SQL engine

7206 Cannot convert data from SQL format to Advantage format

7207 Unexpected error from the Advantage Server Agent

7208 One or more columns in the SQL SELECT statement contain a data type not supported by Advantage

7209 SQL query aborted by user

7211 Advantage cannot sort the SQL result set based on the ORDER BY clause because of internal limitation

7600 Advantage Replication Error