7062 Invalid NetWare Connection Number

Advantage Error Guide

Problem: Before an Advantage client first connects to the Advantage Database Server for NetWare, it calls an API to get the current workstation's NetWare connection number. This connection number is then passed to the Advantage Database Server to be used for such things as "check rights" security and Management API/Utility functionality. Newer versions of the Novell IntranetWare client and Novell Client 32 software contain bugs and return an invalid NetWare connection number to the Advantage client. If the Novell client gives Advantage an invalid NetWare connection number, this error will be logged.

Solution: The latest versions of the Advantage Database Server have worked around the bugs in the Novell client software. The Advantage Database Server has been able to successfully determine what this user's valid NetWare connection number is and will use that valid connection number for "check rights" security functionality and Management Utility/API functionality. Using the Microsoft NetWare client or older versions of the Novell client will keep this error from occurring.