7010 Problem with Advantage server file read

Advantage Error Guide

Problem 1: The Advantage server was unable to read from the specified file.

Solution 1: Check the status of the network and repeat the command.


Problem 2: An Advantage application may receive 7010 errors if:

Advantage, FoxPro, and any other FoxPro-compatible driver will not be compatible with such an FPT memo file. The above named non-Advantage database drivers do not obey the FoxPro-defined standard with memo blocks of size 32 or less. A block size of 32 is often the default when creating FPT memo files with these non-Advantage database drivers, so it is likely you will run into this incompatibility if the FPT memo files were created by these non-Advantage database drivers.

Solution 2: To alleviate the problem with 7010 errors with DBF tables and FPT memo files created by non-FoxPro compatible database drivers:


Problem 3: 7010 errors may occur when reading an index if the index is corrupt.

Solution 3: If the 7010 error occurs when performing a database operation that uses an index, or if the Advantage error log (ADS_ERR.ADT or ADS_ERR.DBF) indicates the 7010 error occurred when reading an index file, re-building the index will eliminate the index corruption and should eliminate the 7010 error.