Transaction Log Files Path

Advantage Database Server

Transaction log files are created by the Advantage Transaction Processing System to aid in recording all database operations executed within a transaction. These files allow the Advantage Database Server to properly track data changes; updates, appends, and other operations which write to the database. Once a transaction is committed or rolled back, the log files for the transaction are deleted.

The location of the TPS log files is configurable. A non-default transaction file path may be desirable so that all transaction files are maintained in a single location. All applications with transactions will store their information in these files. The transaction log files are named as _T-#####.TPS, where ##### if a four or five digit number.


Default = Root of SYS volume.

These files may be located on any valid network drive. If you specify a path, the path must be a fully qualified network path, SERVER\VOLUME:\PATH.


Windows NT/2000/2003

Default = Root of the C: drive

Example: C:\ADSTPS