Advantage .NET Data Provider

Gets or sets the SQL statement, stored procedure, or table name to execute or open at the data source.

public string CommandText {get; set;}


The SQL command, stored procedure name, or table name to be executed is stored in the CommandText property. If it is an SQL statement, the AdsCommand.CommandType property should be set to Text. If the CommandText property has a stored procedure name, the CommandType property should be set to StoredProcedure. And, finally, if a table name is stored in the CommandText property, the CommandType should be set to TableDirect. The default CommandType is Text.


This example executes a SELECT statement and retrieves the single row/column value as a scalar. The default type of CommandType is Text, so it does not need to be specified.

AdsConnection conn = new AdsConnection( "data source = c:\\data;" );

AdsCommand cmd;


// open the connection



// create a new command object

cmd = new AdsCommand();


// assign the connection

cmd.Connection = conn;

// specify a query

cmd.CommandText = "select now() from system.iota";

// execute the query

Console.WriteLine( cmd.ExecuteScalar().ToString() );

// close the connection.


This example executes a stored procedure and uses the DeriveParameters to automatically build up the parameter collection for the stored procedure.

conn = new AdsConnection( "data source=c:\\data\\test.add;" +

"user id=test;" );




AdsCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand();


// assign the procedure name

cmd.CommandText = "testproc";

// set command type to stored procedure

cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

// load the parameter collection from the data dictionary info


// assign in put parameters

cmd.Parameters["inparam1"].Value = 234;

cmd.Parameters["inparam2"].Value = "xyz";


// execute the stored procedure


// print an output parameter

Console.WriteLine( cmd.Parameters["outparam"].Value );

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