Server Type: Advantage Internet Server

Advantage Concepts

The Advantage Internet Server provides remote or mobile Advantage Database Server users with a simple, straightforward solution for accessing data using the Internet. With the Advantage Internet Server, a developer can have a truly Internet-enabled application without any development changes. This simple, non-HTML solution is incorporated into the Advantage Database Server so that the Internet can be used as its own virtual private network.

Since the Internet is being used as the network between the client and server computers, long-distance dial-up charges to your home LAN can be avoided. You can obtain an Internet connection via a connection to a local Internet access provider via a local phone call, and can have real-time access to the database located on your home LAN. The same Advantage application(s) used to access the database on the LAN can be used to access the database via remote client computers, and can access the database at the same time. There is no need to maintain multiple sets of source code for one application built to access database via the LAN and one HTML-based application built to access the database remotely. The same application can be used locally or remotely.

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