Advantage Internet Server Overview

Advantage Database Server

Advantage Internet Server functionality is embedded into the Advantage Database Server and provides a simple, non-HTML solution to access data through the Internet using existing Advantage applications. Advantage Internet Server functionality allows remote users to experience the same security, integrity, and performance available with LAN-based access to the Advantage Database Server, with the added benefit of using the Internet as oneís own Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The unique non-HTML architecture of Advantage Internet Server functionality eliminates the need for rewriting current database applications in order to access data remotely. By simply obtaining access to the Internet via any local Internet service provider, remote users using the same database application that is used on the LAN can instantly access their database via Advantage Internet Server functionality and the Advantage Database Server.

Since Advantage Internet Server functionality is embedded into the Advantage Database Server, any computer running Windows, Linux, or NetWare 5 or greater, that has an Internet (TCP/IP) connection can host the Internet-enabled Advantage Database Server. The Advantage application executable resides on the remote or mobile userís client PC that has obtained an Internet connection. This allows the remote client PCs to communicate with the Internet-enabled Advantage Database Server bringing real-time client/server access to existing Advantage applications.

Note: The Advantage Internet Server is a VPN-type solution for use with desktop-based applications and is not designed for use with web server applications. If you are developing a web server application, a regular Advantage Database Server connection type should be used, rather than an Advantage Internet Server connection. See Advantage Server Types for details.


Note: The Advantage Internet Server should not be confused with the Advantage Internet Connector license. An Advantage Internet Connector license is required when developing browser-based or other Internet applications, where an Internet application is defined as any application that interacts with a web server or other middleware solution via an Internet connection. Please review the information regarding the Advantage Internet Connector for licensing details for Internet applications.