6060 Advantage Database Server not started/loaded on specified server

Advantage Error Guide

Problem 1: The Advantage Database Server is not started/loaded on the specified server.

Solution 1: Verify that the Advantage Database Server is started/loaded on the server. Make sure that the application is referencing the correct server.


Problem 2: An Advantage Windows client v2.6 or greater is being used, a connection is being attempted to a local drive, and the Advantage Database Server is not running on that local machine.

Solution 2: Verify that the Advantage Database Server is started on the local machine. If you are attempting to open the file via the Advantage Local Server, make sure that use of the Advantage Local Server has been enabled via the AdsSetServerType() API, the TAdsSettings.AdsServerTypes property, the TAdsConnection.AdsServerTypes property, or the ADS_SERVER_TYPES setting in the ads.ini file.


Problem 3: An Advantage 16-bit Windows application is attempting to access the Advantage Database Server for NetWare, but the NWCALLS.DLL and/or NWIPXSPX.DLL are not found.

Solution 3: Put the NWCALLS.DLL and NWIPXSPX.DLL somewhere in your client PC's search path (e.g., the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory).


Linux Server Only

It is possible to receive a 6060 error if the Advantage for Linux daemon started, but had a problem registering for multicast discovery packets. If this happens you will find a detailed error message in the ads_log.txt file.

Following are known issues that can cause this behavior:

Other Linux-specific issues that can cause a 6060 error include the following: