Database Roles

In addition to the more flexible user groups that can be defined and customized infinitely by developer or end user, Advantage now supports four predefined user groups (roles) in the database. They are DB:Admin, DB:Backup, DB:Debug and DB:Public.

The first three groups have predefined permission that cannot be changed. Membership of the groups are not predefined but can be assigned by ADSSYS user or members of the DB:Admin group.

Members of the DB:Admin group has the identical permission as the ADSSYS user, except the permission to change the ADSSYS password.

Members of the DB:Backup group has the permission to execute the sp_BackupDatabase() and sp_BackupFreeTables() stored procedures.

Members of the DB:Debug group has the permission to debug SQL scripts executing on any connection to the database, and the permission to modify any trigger, stored procedure or user defined function in the database.

The fourth group, DB:Public, has no predefined permission but it includes as members all users in the database. Specific permission on individual database object may be granted to the DB:Public group, thus making the permission available to all users in the database. For example, if one of the table should be readable by all users in the database, then the READ permission on the table may be granted to the DB:Public group instead of granting to the individual users. Because the DB:Public group always includes all users, any newly created user will automatically get the READ permission to the table.

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