Advantage SQL Engine

Returns a result set containing all users that have the specified index file opened.


EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_mgGetIndexUsers( IndexName,Character,255 )


UserName (O)

Name of the connected user.

ConnNumber (O)

NetWare connection number.

DictionaryUser (O)

Name of user that has authenticated to an Advantage Data Dictionary.

Address (O)

IP or IPX address of the connected user.

OSUserLoginName (O)

Operating system login name of the connected user.

TSAddress (O)

Terminal Server Client IP address if the connection is made from a Terminal Server session.


The UserName can be either the Computer Name or the NetWare connection name of the connected user. The ConnNumber is the NetWare connection number of the connected user; this only applies to ADS for NetWare.

Note With Advantage Local Server, sp_mgGetIndexUsers will only return users who have the index opened by the instance of Advantage Local Server currently loaded into memory.



EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_mgGetIndexUsers( '\\server\share\data\index.adi' );

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