Number of Connections (-C)

Advantage Database Server

Default = User Option purchased. Range = 1 - no upper limit.

This is the initial number of connections that can be active on the Advantage Database Server at one time. Connections are defined as follows:

For example, to minimize memory usage, if you are licensed for 100 users, but have only 75 connections, you can save a small amount of memory by configuring the number of connections to 75. Or, if you are licensed for 20 users but have 3 Advantage applications running on each workstation, the number of connections should be set to at least 60.

If more Advantage applications attempt to connect to the Advantage Database Server than there are number of connections configured, the Advantage Database Server will attempt to allocate more resources to accommodate more connections. If that allocation fails, the Advantage application that is attempting to connect will receive a 7033 error, Connection Table Full, until a connection becomes available.