Error Log File Size

Advantage Database Server

Default = 1000 Kbytes. Range = 1 - no upper limit.

The error log file size is the maximum file size the error log file (ADS_ERR.DBF or ADS_ERR.ADT), can reach. Once the maximum file size is attained, the first one-third of the records in the error log table are marked for deletion and packed automatically. With ADS_ERR.DBF, new entries are appended to the end of the file. With ADS_ERR.ADT, record recycling is used, so the new entries may not be at the physical end of the table. Viewing ADS_ERR.ADT in ERROR_NUMBER index order will ensure that the errors are displayed in the order they are logged.

The error log is a table used to record any errors encountered by the Advantage Database Server during execution of client applications. The ADS_ERR.DBF error log file may be viewed using any standard DBF utility. ADS_ERR.ADT is an Advantage proprietary format table and can be viewed with Advantage Data Architect.