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Removes all deleted records from a table and re-indexes it.


sp_PackTable( TableName,CHARACTER,515 )


sp_PackTable( TableName,CHARACTER,515,

             MemoBlockSize,INTEGER )



TableName (I)

Name and/or path of a table to pack.

MemoBlockSize (I)

Optional memo block size. If this is not provided or if the value is 0, the memo block size will not be changed by the pack operation.


sp_PackTable performs a pack of a table which removes all deleted records from the table. Internal fragmentation in memo files will also be eliminated. It then re-indexes the table. This operation requires exclusive access to the table, no process can have this table open when calling this procedure. Only auto-open indexes will be re-indexed. sp_PackTable is illegal in a transaction. The TableName parameter must specify the table name of a dictionary bound table, or the table path of a free table.

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