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Advantage 9xxx Error Codes

Advantage Error Guide

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In general, 9000 class errors indicate an internal problem within the Advantage server. Please send a small recreation to Advantage Technical Support demonstrating the problem. Advantage Database Server for Windows users, please see the adsdump Files topic, and send all files listed in that topic to your Advantage support provider.

9000 General Advantage Server Error Code. Refer to the associated specific Error Code for more information.

9001 Illegal memory resource

9002 Invalid UNC path

9003 Illegal user ID

9004 File close error

9005 Maximum work area element exceeded

9006 Maximum table element exceeded

9007 Maximum index table element exceeded

9008 Lock table error

9009 Invalid file handle

9011 Memory pages errors

9012 Illegal work area

9013 Illegal value

9014 Illegal index number

9015 Assertion failure

9016 Illegal flags

9017 No file name

9018 Invalid index type

9019 Illegal tag number

9020 Advantage server file length error

9021 Advantage server record length error

9022 Key not found

9023 Current value negative

9024 Invalid packet type

9025 Source data unreadable during a copy operation

9026 Receive packet out of sequence

9027 Receive request out of sequence

9028 Error retrieving an Advantage Local Server per thread/per task data structure

9029 Semaphore connection file creation error

9030 Illegal SET code

9031 Illegal Advantage Locking mode

9032 Resource list full

9033 Error creating merge file

9034 Too many merge streams

9035 Invalid merge stream

9036 Merge size too small

9037 Hardware key not found

9038 Error reading hardware key

9039 Mismatched hardware key number

9040 Invalid protocol Opcode

9041 Invalid record number

9042 Not exclusive user

9043 File open shared

9044 Locks existed for a table when no locks should exist

9045 Tag operation on IDX index file

9046 Write operation on read-only table

9047 Invalid Index open count

9048 Login User ID in use

9049 Invalid Advantage Local Server connection number

9050 Invalid unlock record number

9051 Invalid unlock work area

9052 Invalid memo block size

9053 TPS Visibility List element not found

9054 TPS Header List element not found

9055 TPS Log File data error

9056 TPS List not empty

9057 TPS Transaction failed

9058 Transaction command out of sequence

9059 Transaction data out of sync

9060 Invalid control ID index

9061 Illegal memo type

9062 Illegal file offset

9063 Illegal command value

9064 Illegal skip value

9065 Illegal deleted byte value

9066 Illegal command during transaction

9067 Invalid data pointer

9068 File opened exclusively

9069 Illegal lock type

9070 Invalid source size

9071 Null SEEK pointer

9072 Illegal DBF version

9073 TPS commit failed

9074 Illegal BLOB request

9075 Boolean not TRUE or FALSE

9076 Non-compact IDX not supported

9077 Advantage server has suspended

9078 Illegal computer name received from client

9081 Illegal AOF expression length

9082 Unrecognized data type used in record filter evaluation

9083 Invalid structure size specified in management API

9084 Invalid data size specified in management API

9085 User not specified in data in management API

9086 Index(es) open on destination table

9087 Illegal table type

9088 Invalid query table index

9089 Failed to initialize the Advantage SQL engine

9090 Failed to allocate the Advantage SQL engine connection handle

9091 Failed to allocate the Advantage SQL engine statement handle

9092 Failure in the Advantage SQL engine. Check the Advantage error log for more information

9093 Failed to open a read-only cursor

9094 The operation cannot be performed on the statement because the cursor is still active

9095 The query table and work area are out of sync

9096 Error executing query

9097 Failed to obtain SQL error information

9098 Failed to free an AQE handle

9099 Failed to allocate an AQE handle

9100 Error retrieving parameter information from AQE

9101 Error preparing SQL statement

9102 Error binding SQL parameter

9103 Error binding SQL column

9104 Error retrieving row information from AQE

9105 Error retrieving column information from AQE

9106 Error fetching SQL data

9107 Error freeing statement handle

9108 Error disconnecting query handle

9109 Invalid encryption data specified when setting password

9110 Internal AOF error

9111 Memory buffer overwritten

9113 An expected referential integrity index reference was not found when performing an update operation

9114 An internal referential integrity lock map is in an unexpected state

9115 Problem "Deamonizing"

9116 Functionality is not Implemented

9117 An internal RI graph node was not found

9118 Compression failure

9119 Decompression failure

9120 Local task element index error

9121 Internal encryption password was not set when it should have been

9122 Internal Trigger Error

9123 An internal error was encountered in the full text search engine

9124 An unexpected internal error has occurred

9125 Key not found

9126 An internal error was encountered in the replication engine

9127 An internal error was encountered reading the index path tree data

9128 Temporary index key not found