Advantage SQL Engine

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This procedure returns information about the current activity on the Advantage Database Server.


EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_mgGetActivityInfo()


Operations (O)

Total number of operations performed since the server started.

LoggedErrors (O)

Number of errors logged since server started.

UpTime (O)

Total time the Advantage Database Server has been in operation in Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

EQThreshold (O)

The current Express Queue threshold used for determining if a request will be placed in the express queue.

EQActiveThreads (O)

The current number of worker threads operating on Express Queue requests.

EQOperations (O)

The total number of requests that have been processed as Express Queue requests.


sp_mgGetActivityInfo returns three parameters of the ADS_MGMT_ACTIVITY_INFO structure returned by AdsMgGetActivityInfo. The additional items not returned from the ADS_MGMT_ACTIVITY_INFO can be retrieved using sp_mgGetUsageInfo.


For additional context with regard to the EQ* output parameters, see the Express Queue documentation.


Note With the Advantage Local Server, sp_mgMgGetActivityInfo will only return information for the instance of Advantage Local Server currently loaded into memory.


EXECUTE PROCEDURE sp_mgGetActivityInfo();

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