Display Records using LINQ

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Display Database Records using LINQ


The following task will display the Customers table in a GridView.


1.Select Data | Show Data Sources.
2.Click Add New Data Source… in the Data Sources window.
3.Select Object click Next.
4.Expand EFDemo and select Customers and click Finish.
5.Double-click Form1.cs from the Solution Explorer Window.
6.Drag the Customers object from the Data Sources window and drop it on Form1.
7.Double click Form1 to open the code editor.
8.In the Load event of the forum add the following code:


                    // Create an ObjectContext instance based on EFDemo.EFDemoEntities
          var ADSEntities = new EFDemo.EFDemoEntities();
          // Retrieve the list of customers using LINQ
          var customers = from c in ADSEntities.Customers
                          orderby c.City
                          select c;
          // Bind the customers object to the data grid
          customersBindingSource.DataSource = customers;


9.  Run the project by pressing F5.  The form will contain the customer’s information ordered by city.



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