AdsConnectionStringBuilder Class

Advantage .NET Data Provider

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Full name: Advantage.Data.Provider.AdsConnectionStringBuilder

Implements: System.Data.Common.DbConnectionStringBuilder





Note This class is new in the .NET Framework version 2.0.

The AdsConnectionStringBuilder class provides a simple way to create and manage the contents of connection strings used by the AdsConnection class. It provides a way to assign the properties using properties in the class from which it will build a syntactically correct connection string with the proper key/value pairs. In addition, an existing connection string can be assigned to it, and then the values for the keys can be retrieved via the properties.




// Create a new connection string builder

AdsConnectionStringBuilder builder =

new AdsConnectionStringBuilder();


// set some properties in it

builder.DataSource = @"c:\data";

builder.ServerType = "local";


Console.WriteLine( builder.ConnectionString );


// Assign the connection string and print the properties

builder.ConnectionString =

@"data source=c:\data\mydata.add;user id=theuser;" +


Console.WriteLine( "Data source = {0}", builder.DataSource );

Console.WriteLine( "ServerType = {0}", builder.ServerType );

Console.WriteLine( "User = {0}", builder.UserID );

Console.WriteLine( "Password = {0}", builder.Password );



catch ( Exception e )


Console.WriteLine( e.ToString() );