Advantage TDataSet Descendant

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OnNotification occurs when any configured event is signalled.



type TAdsNotifyEvent = procedure ( Sender : TObject;

                                  event : String;

                                  count : Integer;

                                  eventdata : String ) of object;
property OnNotification : TAdsNotifyEvent;



Sender:  Object reference of the event sender

Event : Name of the event that was signaled

Count : Number of times the event has been signaled

EventData : Any data returned by the event signal



Write an OnNotification event handler to take appropriate actions within your application when a configured notification is signaled.


This event is called using the TThread.Synchronize method, which means the main Delphi VCL thread will not be able to interact with the user interface while executing this event. The OnLog event handler should be kept short and efficient.