Advantage Client Engine

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Defines the rights checking behavior. This API can be used to enable the pre-version 10.0 behavior.



AdsSetRightsChecking ( UNSIGNED32 ulOptions );


ulOptions (I)

Specifies the rights checking behavior.


ADS_RESPECT_RIGHTS_CHECKING (1) indicates that the rights checking options for table open and create operations are obeyed. This is the value to use for the old (pre-version 10.0) behavior.


ADS_IGNORE_RIGHTS_CHECKING (2) is the default value. This defines the new version 10.0 behavior, which is to ignore the rights checking parameter in table opens and table creations.


The default behavior was changed in version 10.0 to no longer perform rights checking on the client. If your application depends on the old behavior, it is necessary to add a call to this API to re-enable the old behavior. To specify the old behavior, place a call to AdsRightsChecking(ADS_RESPECT_RIGHTS_CHECKING ) in your application startup code. It is a global setting that remains in effect until the Advantage Client Engine DLL is unloaded or the application terminates.

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