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Rebuilds all open indexes associated with the given table



AdsReindex61 (ADSHANDLE hTable,

UNSIGNED32 ulPageSize);


hTable (I)

Handle of table.

ulPageSize (I)

The page size to use when reindexing tables of type ADS_ADT. It is ignored for tables of type ADS_NTX, ADS_VFP and ADS_CDX. Valid parameters are ADS_DEFAULT, or any numeric value in the range ADS_MIN_ADI_PAGESIZE to ADS_MAX_ADI_PAGESIZE. If ADS_DEFAULT is given, the existing page size is used. Refer to Index Page Size and Index Key Size and Page Size Relationships for more information. Note that if the table is in an Advantage Data Dictionary, then only the administrator connection can be used to change the page size when reindexing a table. If a user connection is used to reindex a table in a data dictionary, ADS_DEFAULT should be passed as the index page size.


AdsReindex61 requires exclusive use of the open indexes. A reindex will rebuild all keys in all open index orders for the table. It is unlikely that reindexing will be necessary if only Advantage applications are using data. If other applications not using Advantage are using data, however, there is a possibility for index corruption to occur. Reindexing occurs automatically when calls are made to AdsPackTable and AdsZapTable. Calling AdsReindex61 on a CDX or ADI index that contains a custom index order will results in all keys being removed from the custom index order.

Note Calling AdsReindex61 inside a transaction is illegal.


Note This API only accepts table handles. The use of a cursor handle with this API is illegal and will result in an error. See AdsExecuteSQL for more details.


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