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OLE DB Provider Update ( / CloneDBC Utility now available

Version of the OLE DB Provider is now available on the Advantage Database Developer's Zone.

This version includes a new utility for the Visual FoxPro community called CloneDBC. CloneDBC is an upgraded version of the popular DBCconvert utility previous shipped with the OLE DB Provider. CloneDBC was written by Doug Hennig and now includes a GUI, amongst other enhancements. The utility creates an Advantage Data Dictionary (ADD) from an existing DBC by cloning it. CloneDBC does not convert your current DBC, the DBC stays intact while its information it used to populate the new ADD.

Below is an explanation from the help file. For further information on additional enhancements and using the new utility, install the OLEDB Provider and search the help for CloneDBC. 

"One of the most interesting things about the Advantage Database Server (ADS) from a Visual FoxPro (VFP) perspective is that it can use either a proprietary file format (files with an ADT extension) or DBF files for data storage. While there are benefits to using ADT files, including additional data types DBFs don't support, using DBFs makes it easier to migrate an existing VFP application to a client/server model. What's really interesting about this is that you can access your existing DBFs through ADS to take advantage of the features ADS provides while still accessing them directly as VFP tables. This makes a very attractive migration strategy: you can modify your application module by module to use client/server techniques while older modules continue to work unchanged. 

Although ADS supports most VFP data features, some of this support relies on using an Advantage database rather than "free" tables. (From an ADS point-of-view, even tables in a VFP DBC are free tables if they aren't included in an ADS database.) This includes support for long field names, primary keys, referential integrity, field and table validation, triggers, and so on; in other words, the same things the VFP database container is used for. In anything but a small database, it would be quite a bit of work to create an Advantage database for an existing VFP database. Fortunately, the VFP Conversion Utility for ADS takes care of this work for you. 

Note that the utility doesn't "convert" your VFP tables or database; it creates an Advantage database and populates it with information about the tables in a VFP database. 

The utility comes with complete source code so you can see how it was written and customize it if you wish."