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Advantage Data Architect Schema Templates

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Schema templates allow developers to save and load pre-existing field and index definitions into the table designer. This is very useful when you need several tables that are based on a similar structure. Creating a base schema allows you to quickly create new tables based on the saved templates.

Advantage Data Architect 8.0

Advantage Data Architect was completely redesigned for version 8.0. The new design contains many user interface enhancements as well as additional functionality. The connection manager allows developers to easily access free tables and data dictionaries, allowing for simple management of your data.

Many common tasks have been grouped together to make them more efficient. The table designer now contains tabs for Fields, Table Properties, Index Definitions and Full Text Search Index Definitions. This groups all of the table creation and modification into a single form.

ARC 7.1 Table Designer

ARC 8.1 Table Designer

Saving Table Schema

One of the newest features added to ARC 8.1 is the ability to save table schema from the Table Designer. To save a schema load a table which contains the structure you wish to duplicate. Then choose Save As… from the Schema menu. ARC will display a File Save dialog. Specify a name for your schema and click Save.

Saving a Table Schema

The table schema includes all of the field definitions and all of the various field properties. Index definitions are also included in the saved schema. All ARC schema files have the extension .arcschema.

Loading a Saved Schema

After the table schema has been saved it can be loaded into the Table Designer. Create a new table then Choose Load from the Schema menu and browse to the schema file. ARC will load the schema into the Table Designer. You can now make any changes you wish to the schema and then create the new table.

Creating a Table and Loading a Schema

Specified Schema Loaded into the Table Designer


ARC 8.0 introduced a new user interface with many new features. Many common functions have been grouped together to enhance usability and improve productivity. With the release of ARC 8.1 table schemas can now be saved. This allows for quick retrieval of table structures which can be modified easily to create new tables from a base schema.