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Making Silent Installations Seamless

Saturday, February 18, 2006

One of the primary benefits of using the Advantage Database Server is ease-of-use. It’s easy to embed with applications, it’s easy to install and it requires zero administration. By setting up a silent install, developers can make using Advantage even easier for their end-users. All installation options, including the serial number, validation code and default character sets, can be pre-configured.

A silent install can be configured by modifying the setup.ini file or by executing the setup.exe with command-line parameters.

To modify the setup.ini file, download the appropriate server install from the Advantage web site. For U.S. installations, the download file is dom_nt.exe. This is a self extracting zip file, which will extract several files and a folder. After extracting the files, locate the setup.ini (see figure 1).

Figure 1

Open the setup.ini file with a text editor (notepad). Uncomment the appropriate entries by removing the semi-colon (see figure 2). For U.S. installs, the following entries are required: SERIAL_NUMBER, VAL_CODE, REGISTERED_OWNER and ANSI_LANGUAGE. If any required entries are missing, the user will be prompted for the missing information.

Figure 2

Alternatively, developers can launch the install by passing command-line parameters. This can be useful when a developer calls an Advantage install from within another application that is distributed on a read-only CD. The following example demonstrates the appropriate parameters:

Setup.exe /q SERIAL_NUMBER=123456789 VAL_CODE=ELVIS

The “/q” switch activates the silent install.

For additional information regarding silent installs, refer to the Advantage help file and to additional notes in the setup.ini. To pre-configure database settings such as connections, workareas, tables, and indexes, see the “Modifying Configuration Parameters During Installation” section of the help file.