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Using the Advantage TDataSet Descendant with InfoPower

Friday, July 14, 2006

For Delphi 3 or Delphi 4 applications, TwwAdsTable and TwwAdsQuery use InfoPower's template for TDataSet descendants. This allows Advantage customers to use Advantage TDataSet Descendant components with other InfoPower components.


  • Delphi 3.x or Delphi 4.x
  • Advantage TDataSet Descendant 2.5 or later
  • InfoPower 4.0 or later

Installing Advantage InfoPower Components

  1. Install both InfoPower and the Advantage TDataSet Descendant for Delphi. During the Advantage TDataSet Descendant installation, select the option to install the Advantage InfoPower components. A self-extracting executable, INFPOWD3.EXE (Delphi 3) or INFPOWD4.EXE (Delphi 4) will be copied to the C:\ADS\TDATASET directory.
  2. Execute the INFPOWD3.EXE (Delphi 3) or INFPOWD4.EXE (Delphi 4). Place the files in any desired directory such as C:\ADS\TWWADSTABLE.
Note: Do not extract the files to the C:\ADS\TDATASET directory. If the files are extracted to the C:\ADS\TDATASET directory, the README.TXT file will be overwritten. Read the README.TXT that was extracted with the Advantage InfoPower components for more installation information.
  1. Open Delphi and choose Tools | Environment Options from the main menu. Verify the following paths are in the Library Path:
  • Location of the Advantage component files (such as C:\ADS\TDATASET)
  • Location of the InfoPower files (such as C:\IP4\LIB)
  1. Next, choose File | Open from the Delphi main menu and select the Advantage_IP.DPK.
  2. From the package editor, choose the Compile button. Delphi will produce a prompt stating that several other packages are required. Choose OK.
  3. From the package editor, select the Install button.

After installing this package, TwwAdsTable, TwwAdsSearchDialog, TwwAdsLookupDialog, and TAdsIndexCombo will appear on the Advantage component tab. If an error message occurs when installing the Advantage_IP package, confirm that the paths in Step 3 are correct in the Delphi Library Path.