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Advantage Data Architect Release 10 for Windows 32-bit

This release is unsupported. Downloads provided as a courtesy.


Notes: - Advantage Data Architect (ARC)

This Service Update of the Advantage Data Architect (ARC) addresses the following issues:

  1. Fixed an issue where ARC would show up off the visible desktop if previously opened on a screen that was no longer attached.

  2. Changed "Export Tables to Code" functionality to use the correct lock type for the current database.

  3. Improved the dictionary compare tool handling of SQL Script stored procedures and FTS delimiter characters.

  4. Fixed an issue where the ARC "Tables To Code" functionality could generate invalid decimal values if the Windows locale decimal separator setting was not a period/dot.

  5. Fixed an issue where ARC would crash if loading trigger properties where the trigger script was large (over 5k).

  6. Fixed an issue where the ARC table browser could no longer correctly locate records via its search functionality if the index key included the + operator.

  7. Fixed issue with functions that have the same name, but exist in more than one package.

  8. Fixed ARC to include functions when generating an SQL script from the top level node.

  9. Fixed a bug that prevented the import process on a free connection from changing a column to an autoinc field.

  10. Fixed an issue where ARC would not re-open on a secondary monitor if the last time it was closed the main window was in the maximized state.

  11. Fixed upgrade scripts to not add subscription queue tables.

  12. Fixed a bug that truncated long SQL scripted stored procedures when viewing their properties.

  13. Fixed an issue where ARC would raise an exception "List index out of bounds" when loading a saved schema that included index definitions.

  14. Fixed an issue where ARC raised the exception "Unable to find memo block size table" when loading a saved schema if the schema was saved from an existing table's schema, instead of a schema that was created from scratch.